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What unites my work is a love for the fractures in meaning between a human understanding of culture, and the (mis)understandings of culture by nonhuman logics– be they algorithmic, biologic, or otherwise. A Google Image search for "Venus" will pull up images of the planet, the painting by Botticelli, the venus fly trap, Venus Williams and the Venus of Willendorf.

The slight context shift from their native habitats evokes a nonhuman sentience that has hijacked pre-existing brand narratives to relay its own message to humanity.

Here history is reorganized and flattened by page views, disregarding hierarchies of origin, age, relevance and weight. We see that "ur doing it wrong" but implicit in that assumption is that we know how to structure culture "right"– do we? The thrill here is an encounter with an alien lens on humanity's accomplishments: we discover a material world, full of expression without a subject. Our artifacts have a life of their own.

documented on an iPhone 4s

May 2012

Oil/Maternity Suite

“Oil/Maternity Suite”

Digital collage on photo paper, 24x80in.

Front of 'parent'

parent-- front view

Side of 'parent'

parent-- side view

Habitat 0

“Habitat 0”

Nausea by Jean-Paul Sartre (second copy pictured; first was stolen), Pepto-Bismol, remoldable clay, Container Store containers.

Habitat 1

“Habitat 1”

Futuro wrist brace, Eternal water, Master lock, Simplehuman garbage bag, remoldable clay, IKEA table.



Digital collage on photo paper, 24x80in.

Habitat 2

“Habitat 2”

Second Nature notepad, EarthBall inflatable globe, Advil PM liqui-gels, remoldable clay, Hammermill laser print paper, IKEA table. Extension: IKEA container, pink hardhat, remoldable clay.

Habitat 3

“Habitat 3”

Plastic sign holder, Post-It zen rock, VitaCoco coconut water, Conceive Plus fertility lubricant, remoldable clay, Uniball pens, IKEA table, Office Depot wing lid container.



Digital collage on photo paper, 24x80in.

Habitat 4

“Habitat 4”

Adobe Photoshop CS 5, Function: Alternative Energy energy drink (Yerba Maté), CFL bulb, hammer, remoldable clay, IKEA table.

Painting Fetish

“Painting Fetish”

Store-bought pre-stretched canvas, fake grass, Franklin soccer ball, 3M painter's glove.


“Child Fetish”

Babytrend infant car seat, Container Store container.

Idea Fetish

“Idea Fetish”

CFL bulb, traffic cone.

Back view of 'parent'

parent-- back view

Back view of 'parent'

parent-- back view