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Emotional Labor

Why has labor gotten so emotional? Perhaps because we find ourselves at the terminus of historical forces for which we are still psychologically unprepared: the deindustrialized, overeducated West’s transformation into an economy based on “knowledge work”, and our state of being extremely, always, online.


What is the psychology necessary to living in our present, and if we evidently don’t possess it, how might we obtain it?

Factory, Utopia

The Works of Claude-Nicolas Ledoux

We make factories for living, temples for work.

Wong Ping at Camden Arts Centre

Future historians should study Wong Ping to understand what it’s like to be horny in 2019.

Emma Kunz at Serpentine Gallery

Perhaps they are extraterrestrial quipu, dictations from yonder Arcturians, Andromedans, Lyrans or Pleidians, who can play our telluric currents like a harpsichord.